Becoming One With The Shadows

Becoming One With The Shadows is a new player quest found in the Ninja Dojo in New Haven and begins with Chiyo the Hiding Instructor.


Increase Hiding to 50


Practice hiding in the Ninja Dojo until you reach 50 Hiding skill.


Come closer. Don't be afraid. The shadows will not harm you. To be a successful Ninja, you must learn to become one with the shadows. The Ninja Dojo is the ideal place to learn the art of concealment. Practice hiding here.

Talk to me once you have achieved the rank of Apprentice Rogue (for Hiding), and I shall reward you.


Not bad at all. You have learned to control your fear of the dark and you are becoming one with the shadows. If you haven't already talked to Jun, I advise you do so. Jun can teach you how to stealth undetected. Hiding and Stealth are essential skills to master when becoming a Ninja.

As promised, I have a reward for you. Here are some smokebombs. As long as you are an Apprentice Ninja and have mana available you will be able to use them. They will allow you to hide while in the middle of combat. I hope these serve you well.



Stay within the Ninja Dojo in New Haven to take advantage of the accelerated skill gain buff which speeds up skill gain by about 0.2 - 0.5 per gain.

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