Guild: Children of Darkness

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  • Abbreviation: CoD
  • Shard: Catskills
  • Leaders: Pandora, Marius
  • Type: Lawfully Neutral
  • Allegiance: Neutral to Good
  • Acceptable Afflictions: Vampires, Lycans, Half-Breeds, Witches/Warlocks, None
  • Acceptable Races: Humans and Elves
  • Lore: Ricean (Based on Anne Rice's novels)
  • Player Ran Territories: Vamp's Lair, Umbra, South Jhelom, Cindervale (Felucca), and Trinsic Hold (Felucca)
  • Number of Buildings: 18
  • Locations: Malas: 32 N, 2 E & Umbra (West Bridge) / Felucca: Shrine of Spirituality
  • Claimed Territories: Umbra & South Jhelom (Trammel) / Britain & Trinsic (Felucca)
  • Status: Active
  • Recruitment: Selective
  • Official Website:
  • RP Alliance Website:

About Us

The Children of Darkness is vampiric-based guild that was created on the first day of release of the Catskills shard in Ultima Online and made officially a guild on October 17th, 1997, however many of us were part of the beta from January 1997 and spent a small amount of time on Atlantic prior to Catskills birth. The Guildmasters are Pandora and Marius that role play as ancient vampires.


We later decided to create an Evil RP theme that players could sign up to join and be part of. We needed a well recognized start, so we chose to base it on Vampire the Masquerade. So we looked at all the content that was available out there on VTM, and we chose to write our own story. So if you are well versed in the land of VTM lore, you will notice quite a few changes and differences that we deemed necessary in order to adapt it to Ultima Online. CoD was a Ventrue coven, leader of the Camarilla. Following the characteristics of Ventrue clans, they were highly aristocratic, very wealthy, and politically inclined. They would war any Sabbat sect guilds since the two sects were rival, mortal enemies. Often they would take over their player-ran cities in large-scale RP wars that would go on for hours. During 1998 - 2001, CoD actively ran and organized an Evil RP theme known as the Darkness Within based their adapted VTM lore. Over 90 guilds were participants in plots, storylines, or theme wars with the DW theme, officially making CoD one of the largest vampire-themed guilds in the history of the shard. At its height, CoD achieved nearly 200 players, all with various characters.

Current Game Play

Today, CoD has returned to UO to rebuild the guild and the city. We have adapated the vampiric lore of Anne Rice to mold and structure our guild and the characters within it. Our angle is that we were summoned back to Sosaria by mortals because events that led up to the partial destruction of Umbra. We have helped in its reconstruction and are eager to continue to develop the town's merchant aspirations and assist against evil undead that may threaten the citizens of Sosaria that mortals simply have limited power against. So yes, in essence we're good vampires.

We're a bunch of dedicated players that have stuck with one another for many many years and those that are still with us, all 22 of us, met here in UO. Our strength is our ability to write amazing storylines and quests and its one strength we're working very hard on. Our famous quest series, known as the "Quest of the Damned", has already written quite a lot contributing to the shard's history. Our first quest for the year is called "Bedlam Stirs" which saw the dreaded Ilhenir the Stained resurface from the bowels of Bedlam to join forces with Ix Tab, a current EM-promoted storyline.

Currently, CoD is working with the rest of the RP Community in building a new, never-before-seen, RP Theme based on the logic behind Order vs. Chaos. This is much more than just your good vs. evil theory; as CoD itself would be primarily an Order guild. Just because you have evil tendencies does not mean you do not abide by a code of order, and just because you are good doesn't mean you are willing to go along with some set of pre-ordained laws. The theme will have storyline-driven PvP, with larger scale battles that pin Order vs. Chaos guilds in pre-determined areas (cities, dungeons, player-towns, open sea, etc. etc. whatever we all decide) in an effort to bring back the good old days of guild wars which were so much a part of UO. Our main goal is really to bring the community together, those that have respect for each other, and present something that any new or returning player can participate in as well as give Catskills something unique and of their own.

CoD is also working on restablishing its long-famous PvP Tournament events, such as the famous Catskills PvP Ladder and many other events for the PvP community. We've always maintained great relationships with the non-RP PvP'ers in our history, heck our mall catered to them, and we'd love to rebuild those relationships.

Vamp's Lair

Historical City

CoD's major city was found just outside of East Britain, called Vamp's Lair. Keeping the masquerade, they set up shop and owned one of two public open castles. CoD turned this castle into a mall of vendors that serviced anyone that would keep the peace while in their confines of their city. This resonated with the locals, as East Britain was home to some of the less scrupulous. Murderer, or "red", characters often shopped for their goods at the castle and would for the most part keep the fights on the outside of the walls. This opened a whole new market for them, as the other public mall did not allow reds to openly shop there. Aware of their customer base, they made good use of it by hosting PvP-based events and tournaments that garnished much recognition.

Current City

Vamp's Lair Location in Malas

Vamp's Lair of today boasts an amazing location in the Malas moon. We have taken over the old abandonned orc fort just east of the main mountain range between Luna and Umbra. We boast 7 buildings in this area, with 4 buildings residing steps from the West Bridge Gate of the city of Umbra, and our old Felucca tower for a total of 14 player-owned. We have recently recaptured our old guild tower at the Spirit Shrine in Felucca, the Death Tower, which will be our PvP Events Center, featuring a Bag Ball Stadium and a Competition Stadium.

West Umbra

The Children of Darkness has added to their territories several new buildings that effectively expand the city of Umbra into what we call West Umbra. Included in this territory is the role playing "Market" called The Trade Center of Umbra and The Mall of Umbra which services as a vendor house. Two other buildings expand the area, one of which is leased out to the Royal Britannian Guard.

South Jhelom

Trinsic Hold