Cracking the Whip

Cracking the Whip is the second quest in a Quest Chain, or a series of smaller quests, each of which must be completed in order to successfully complete the chain. This particular quest chain, when completed, allows a character to cast the Spellweaving spell Summon Fiend and rewards a Summon Fiend scroll.

This quest is given by the following NPC in Sanctuary.


"Now that you've shown those mini pests your might, you should collect a sutiable implement to use to train your summoned pet. I suggest a stout whip."


Quest Type Items Required Item Type Location
Obtain 1 Stout Whip Anywhere


A step closer to learning to control and summon fiends.

Quest Chain

Quest Title Details Reward
Fiendish Friends (Part I) Slay 50 Imp Anywhere Access to 2nd quest in chain
Cracking the Whip (Part II) Obtain 1 Stout Whip Anywhere Access to 3rd quest in chain
Iron Will (Part III) Slay 1 Arcane Daemon Anywhere 1 Summon Fiend scroll & ability to cast Summon Fiend

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