Dread Flute

Dread flute.png
Dread Flute
Uses Remaining: 700
Weight: 1 Stone
Replenish Charges

Dread Flute is an Artifact flute, that makes the sounds of Wraiths and Shades when played. As the name implies, it is looted from the Dread Horn Peerless, but it gives the non-Exceptional success bonus of a normal instrument, and carries no Slayer bonuses when used by a Bard.

--This Item will be destroyed upon reaching 0 uses, so be careful--

Five on Friday

"What exactly are the specifices on the Dread Flute?"

Leurocian, Traveling Bard, looked it up, and the Dread Flute is a regular instrument that is self-recharging - it can hold up to 700 charges.

-From "Five on Friday" April the 27th 2007

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