Eyes of a Ranger

Eyes of a Ranger is a new player quest found outside the Ninja Dojo in New Haven and begins with Walker the Tracking Instructor.


Increase Tracking to 50


Track animals, monsters, and people on Haven Island until you have raised your Tracking skill to 50.


Hello friend. I am Walker, Grandmaster Ranger. An adventurer needs to keep alive in the wilderness. Being able to track those around you is essential to surviving in dangerous places. Certain Ninja abilities are more potent when the Ninja possesses Tracking knowledge. If you want to be a Ninja, or if you simply want to get a leg up on the creatures that habit these parts, I advise you learn how to track them.

You can track any animals, monsters, or people on Haven Island. Clear your mind, focus, and note any tracks in the ground or sounds in the air that can help you find your mark. You can do it, friend. I have faith in you.

Come back to me once you have achieved the rank of Apprentice Ranger (for Tracking), and I will give you something that may help you in your travels. Take care, friend.


I knew you could do it! You have become a fine Ranger. Just keep practicing, and one day you will become a Grandmaster Ranger. Just like me.

I have a little something for you that will hopefully aid you in your journeys. These leggings offer some resistances that will hopefully protect you from harm. I hope these serve you well. Farewell, friend.



Stay on the island of New Haven to take advantage of the accelerated skill gain buff which speeds up skill gain by about 0.2 - 0.5 per gain.