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Guilded (or green) characters are those who have joined a Guild. They may communicate with other members via Guild Chat (and sometimes Alliance Chat as well), and are subject to special status rules for interacting with other guilded/allied characters.

A guilded Criminal or Murderer will not display their green title, and will instead appear either grey or red. It is recommended to display your guild title if your status color has been over ridden in this way (in order to prevent attacks from your own guild within Felucca). Standard guild rules otherwise apply to these characters, however buffing or healing them will make you a Criminal as usual.

Characters who are in a guild that is not part of your alliance will not appear or function as green to you.

If you are new to Ultima Online, it is highly recommended to find a guild to join - Guild chat allows you to speak with other members no matter where you are, meaning you can request tips or help should you require it. As a general rule it is best for beginning players to join a large, well established guild - reputation is important, as some level of risk is involved in becoming guilded.


  • Access to Guild Chat and Alliance Chat.
  • You may set access permissions in your house to allow other guilded members access to your Containers.
  • All other guilded/allied Innocent characters will highlight green to you.
  • Guild leaders may assign you unique titles (which can be revealed at your discretion).
  • Able to see guild statistics (including which other members are currently online) by saying "guilds".
  • Able to practice Stealing/duel with other members of your guild/alliance without being flagged as a Criminal or Murderer, even outside of Felucca.

Note that this final point is a double edged sword; it means you can be potentially be killed/robbed at any time while within a guild.

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