Public Houses and Hubs on Siege

Being new on Siege Perilous can be a little scary, with no recall and can be attacked everywhere outside town. One way to get help are to join the NEW Guild but there are other ways to get help.

How to get around

Without recall, this can be hard, but Siege do have several Hubs with teleports to other houses. Take the time to learn to know them and you will spare a lot running. This page is just started, so only a few places added yet.

Young Travelers Inn, New Magincia

If you follow the water north from the bank of New Magincia, one of the first houses will be Young Travelers Inn, at the step, you will find teleports to several other houses. The house are also working as an Inn, where a young Siege player may find a small store of items for young's and a set of lock pick boxes. If a crafter, you will find a soul forge, anvil, forge, loom and spin.

Safe Haven Crafting Center and Hub

One of the teleports from Young Travelers In goes to here. The house works as crafting center for young players and as meeting place for the community in the player town Safe Haven. Also here may be some tools and other items useful for a newbie and several teleports to other places

Safe Haven Mining house and Tavern

This house are the old NEW2 Guild house, now it back to public and miners, new as well as old are welcome to use it. Also here may be some tools for newbies and teleports to Young Travelers Inn and to Umbra Hub. There are also a small set of runes, some dry tubs and a small Tavern.

Umbra Hub

Umbra Hub is located right outside Umbra's east gate and do have several teleports to other places