Launch Date

This site says launch was 12/3/1997 (American date format):

I think it's a typo, I'm adding historic events to History of Ultima Online page based on UO Lycaeum's article, it says 03 there too, but I cant find any source on it, most of the posts reporting Sonoma are on 13th. I've put a reference next to the date on that page, but here's another one:
"Sonoma came up when, Saturday?"
"I *started* to play on sonoma about 10:00 on Saturday. I was mining when a guy in full plate came running by. I stopped right then and there. It's ridiculous that someone can get their strength up to 60 in one (1) day!"
both posted on December 15, 1997. Saturday was December 13. Nimuaq 18:22, 11 February 2012 (PST)