The Great Hunt

"The Great Hunt" is a quest offered by Bhora The Sakkhra High Chieftess at the Sakkhra Encampment in the Valley of Eodon. It is part of the Quest Chain Uniting the Tribes.

Quest Description

*The Sakkhra High Chieftess looks at you apprehensively, as the greeting Professor Rafkin's book taught you rolls from your tongue The High Chief smiles and warms to you*

Rafkin say you can help Sakkhra. Sakkhra do not trust you. You want Sakkhra trust, then you fight biggest of all dinosaur, T Rex! You survive the T Rex hunt, then Sakkhra trust you. *The Chief motions you west to the nearby dinosaur plains*

Quest Objective

Slay the Tyrannosaurus Rex

Quest Lore

After accepting the quest, travel went out of the village (across a bridge) and enter the plains. Look for the dinosaurs - all will be grey and attack you. Somewhere wandering around is the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which you must kill.

This quest is repeatable.

Quest Reward