The Great Volcano

"The Great Volcano" is a quest offered by Chaca The Jukari High Chief at the Jukari Encampment in the Valley of Eodon. It is part of the Quest Chain Uniting the Tribes.

Quest Description

*The Jukari High Chief looks at you apprehensively, as the greeting Professor Rafkin's book taught you rolls from your tongue The Chieftess smiles and warms to you*

Rafkin say you can help Jukari. Jukari do not trust you. You want Jukari trust, then you mine Jukari lavastone from Volcano. Volcano no eat you, then Jukari trust you. *The chief motions you east toward the Volcano*

Quest Objective

Recover 5 lava rocks from the Caldera of the Great Volcano

Quest Lore

Head east out of the settlements toward the Volcano, and follow the way to an entrance into the volcano. Follow the path until you are in the center of the Volcano, the Caldera. In the center of the Caldera, you will find a lava pool with a Sacred Lava Rock. You must mine that rock.

The lava is very hot and deals immense damage. Upon approaching the lava, Volcano Elementals will appear.

Periodically, the volcano will become unstable and send a wave of molten lava throughout the area. It does random fire damage to any it catches. The only safe areas from the lava wave is in the outskirts of the caldera area (the round areas furthest from the center). With each wave of lava, more Volcano Elementals will spawn (range 2 - 6).

Watch Out For



  • Shadowguard is at the top of the Volcano, and there is a Resurrection Ankh located within.
  • Strongly suggest to have a few bottles of Jukari Burn Poultice for added protection.


This quest is repeatable.

Quest Reward

  • Trust of the Jukari Tribe