To Turn Base Metal into Verite

To Turn Base Metal into Verite is a Tier 2 quest given by Zosilem the Alchemist who can be found in the Royal City of Ter Mur.

Quest Description

You have returned, no doubt to purchase some more of my exotic elixirs. I do not trust just anyone with these elixirs, so know that you are in a small circle of trust.

Lets get down to why you are here. I have the ability to create a mixture that is able to turn regular copper ingots into much rarer verite. To do this, I will need twenty Verite Ingots and five Undead Gargoyle Medallions. They are made with verite, but were fashioned using a dark magic that I do not understand... yet. Until then, I will need some so that I can crush them and dissolve the powder into the elixir of verite conversion. Hopefully you are strong enough to collect these.
Oh, and before I forget... I will need to inspect the ingots before I accept them, so give those to me before we complete the transaction.

Quest Objective

Quest Lore

Undead Gargoyle Medallions can be obtained from the Undead Gargoyles released by Medusa inside the Stygian Abyss Dungeon. You need to give Zosilem 20 Verite Ingots to get the inspected ones. After you obtained them all, mark them as quest items and return to Zosilem:

It is good to see that you have returned in one piece. After all, good customers like you do not grow on trees. Yes, that was a joke.
*Zosilem opens her mouth in what approximates a smile, though it reminds you of a mythical creature you once read about called a 'grue'*
I will take those ingredients in exchange for this elixir of verite conversion. If you come back in a couple hours, I can make more if you wish.


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