Treasure Map Spawn


Tired of wondering which monster holds which Treasure Map or if any at all? This page is to let you know which monsters drop Level 1 to 7 treasure maps. Keep in mind that every treasure chest has a chance of giving you the same level map or 1 level higher (eg. Level 3 treasure chest can give you a level 3 or 4 treasure map).

Treasure Map / Creature Table

Level Creatures
Level 1
Plainly Drawn

Agapite Elemental, Air Elemental, Bronze Elemental, Copper Elemental, Dark Guardian (1, 2, & 3), Dull Copper Elemental, Earth Elemental, Enslaved Gargoyle, Ettin, Evil Mage, Fire Gargoyle, Frost Troll, Gargoyle, Gazer, Golden Elemental, Greater Mongbat, Lizardman, Mummy, Ogre, Ophidian Enforcer, Orc, Orc Lord, Orc Mage, Sea Serpent (1 & 2), Shadow Iron Elemental, Terathan Warrior, Troll, Valorite Elemental, Verite Elemental

Level 2
Expertly Drawn

Acid Elemental, Clan Chitter Assistant, Clan Chitter Tinkerer, Clan Ribbon Courtier, Clan Ribbon Supplicant, Clan Scratch Henchrat, Clan Scratch Scrounger, Dark Guardian (1, 2, & 3), Drake, Evil Mage Lord, Fire Elemental, Kappa, Ophidian Apprentice Mage, Ophidian Justicar, Ophidian Shaman, Ophidian Zealot, Ratman Mage, Reaper, Sea Serpent (1 & 2), Slith, Snow Elemental, Stone Gargoyle, Trapdoor Spider, Troglodyte, Water Elemental, Wyvern

Level 3
Adeptly Drawn

Arctic Ogre Lord, Cold Drake, Cyclopean Warrior, Dark Guardian (1, 2, & 3), Deep Sea Serpent, Fairy Dragon, Fan Dancer, Fire Ant, Flesh Golem, Juka Mage, Lesser Hiryu, Lich, Lurg, Meer Mage, Minotaur, Ogre Lord, Ophidian Avenger, Ophidian Knight-Errant, Raptor, Terathan Avenger, Tsuki Wolf, Wanderer of the Void (3 & 4), Yomotsu Warrior

Level 4
Cleverly Drawn

Daemon, Devourer of Souls, Dragon, Efreet, Elder Gazer, Fire Daemon, Ice Fiend, Kraken, Lich Lord, Oni, Ophidian Matriarch, Ravager, Sand Vortex, Serpentine Dragon, Terathan Matriarch, Wanderer of the Void (3 & 4), White Wyrm

Level 5
Deviously Drawn

Abscess, Ancient Lich, Ancient Wyrm, Balron, Barracoon the Piper, Betrayer, Blood Elemental, Cu Sidhe, Ethereal Warrior, Forgotten Servant, Greater Dragon, Greater Poison Elemental, Lava Elemental, Lord Oaks, Master Theophilus, Meer Eternal, Mephitis, Miasma, Narvey_Night-Eyes(sic, Navrey Night-Eyes), Neira the Necromancer, Poison Elemental, Putrefier, Pyre, Rend, Rikktor, Rotting Corpse, Semidar, Serado the Awakened, Shadow Wyrm, Silvani, Skeletal Dragon, Stygian Dragon, Succubus, Titan, Yamandon

Level 6
Ingeniously Drawn

Miasma in chests dropped as loot

Level 7
Diabolically Drawn

Corgul the Soulbinder, Osiredon the Scalis Enforcer


  • Without the High Seas expansion, you cannot decode a level 7 map. However, you can still dig up and get credit for it: Just have someone with High Seas find it and begin digging it up and stop. They give you the map and then you dig up and get credit.
  • Not all monsters are on this because not all monster loot is accounted for. Mostly from the Stygian Abyss expansion monsters.
  • The only monster I have found that gives you a Treasure Map 100% of the time is a Dark Guardian(level 1-3).