Uniting the Tribes

"Uniting The Tribes" is a quest-chain offered by Sir Geoffrey at the Britannia Encampment in the Valley of Eodon.

Quest Description

*Sir Geoffrey looks up at you* What's this? Ah! Here to join the effort then? We've been trying for weeks to push through to the Barrab and get them to give us the secrets to entering the Myrmidex pits, but alas, we have had little luck. King Blackthorn seems to think our only hope is to pressure the Barrab via the other Eodinian tries. We tried to approach them initially but were met with aggression. It wasn't until Professor Rafkin arrived that we were able to peacefully communicate with them. In order for them to join our cause you'll need to gain their trust.

The Sakkhra worship these overgrown Lizardmen, "Di-no-saur" is the word they use, bunch of rubbish if you ask me, but you should find their High Chief in the Sakkhra walled village to the North beyond the rivers.

The Urali worship the Dragon Turtle, shucks, to be honest I thought such a creature was myth until one came crashing up on a beach during one of our early expeditions. You can find the Urali just north of the beach lined streams that are home to the Dragon Turtles.

The Jukari worship the great Volcano. Nasty bunch too, took out a company of my men with pickaxes to the skull. In any case, they can be found at the base of the Volcano to the Southeast.

The Kurak are lightning fast and worship the jungle cats they call "Ti-gers". Cute little things until one rips you apart and drags you back to its den. *chuckles a bit* Their tribe is in the lowlands to the Southwest.

The Barako live high up in the trees and worship the gorillas that populate that region. Professor Rafkin says something about a mythical giant ape, bunch of baloney if you ask me. Their tribe sits in the forest canopy to the East.

Bring me back proof that the tribes have agreed to join our cause and you'll be rewarded handsomely. Or this jungle will tear you apart, whichever happens first. Good luck!

Quest Objective

All of the following...

Quest Lore

The player must travel to each of the mentioned tribes and earn their trust through assigned sub-quests. Once a subquest is completed, the player will receive a token of that tribe's trust. When all have been collected, return to Sir Geoffrey.


Quest Reward