BNN: Trinsic Has Fallen!

Genn Wintord February 15, 2000

As feared, the undead armies of Juo’nar together with the ratmen and gazers of Malabelle overwhelmed defenders and managed to seize control of Trinsic! Citizens of the City of Honor hath mostly all fled, leaving only a few resolute shopkeepers and small pockets of resistance. Word on the streets is that even the few remaining shopkeepers, bankers, and other merchants will be fleeing soon as well before the full brunt of Juo’nar’s army takes residence in Trinsic.

While few know what his plans are, Juo’nar and his forces seem to be slowly settling into their new quarters beginning with barricading the entrances to the city. Some trapped inside the city walls report overhearing bits of information hinting that even more undead will be joining Juo’nar in Trinsic, as well as much more powerful beings. As yet, we have no confirmation of these reports nor anything more specific.

Nystul, of Lord British’s court, hath used his wizardly powers to help offer an escape to those wishing to flee Trinsic. Send word to any trapped within the city walls to seek the moongate Nystul hath raised. This moongate will send ye to Britain. Nystul is able to block any of Juo’nar’s minions from entering the moongate. Should Juo’nar break through Nystul’s barrier on the moongate, Nystul will be forced to dispel the moongate until he can regain control.

Lord Dupre was not available for comment at press time, but those close to him say that this paladin of Trinsic hath vowed to drive Juo’nar from the city he calls home.

Keep thy eyes focused and ears tuned to the Britannia News Network broadcasts for more information!

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