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**[[Dragons Watch]]
**[[Dragons Watch]]
*[[Kijustsu Anei Village]]
==Inactive Player-Run Towns(historical)==
==Inactive Player-Run Towns(historical)==

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Chesapeake Shard
Large shard icon chesapeake.jpg
Launched: October 1997
Time Zone: US EST/EDT
Maintenance Time: 5:00AM

Calligraphy capital c.gifhesapeake is an American shard and name it's refers to Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the United States. Players frequently refer to it as "ches" or "chessy" which also explains why it's shard icon is a chess piece, specifically a Knight.

Chesapeake enjoys both a lively PVP scene as well as an active Roleplaying(RP) community. One of the oldest RP communities in all of Ultima Online resides on Chesapeake, known PaxLair and has even been blessed and recognized by Lord British personally. This player-run community has existed since early 1998 and is still steadily evolving.

Throughout the different shards, one of the things Chesapeake is well-known for is the biennial Chesapeake Olympics.

Event Moderators

Active Player-Run Towns

Inactive Player-Run Towns(historical)

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