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Chief Paroxysmus is a Peerless found in the Palace of Paroxysmus dungeon introduced with the Mondain's Legacy expansion. It appears to be based on the grotesque crime lord Jabba the Hutt, from the Star Wars films. It "eats" pets and summoned creatures, thus restoring itself to full health almost instantly, even from near death. It leans heavily on poison-based attacks.

A gigantic king, ruling from the underworld has returned to the surface bringing the four D's with it - Death, disease, disruption and disillusionment. His breath kills all flora and fauna in his wake. His skin leaks poison, his heart is pure ice. Everything in his path dies.


Chief Paroxysmus Statistics
Spawn Locations Palace of Paroxysmus
Fame Level 5 Slayer Vulnerability
Karma Level 5 Alignment Evil
First Seen Mondain's Legacy Pack Instinct None
Gold Magic Items 16
Special Crimson Cincture
Item Set Pieces
Cut Up None
Strength 1298 Hit Points 100,000
Dexterity 81 Stamina 81
Intelligence 78 Mana 78
Barding Difficulty 160.0 Taming Difficulty N/A
Base Damage 15 - 18 Preferred Foods Pets
Wrestling 120.0 Poisoning 120.0
Tactics 120.0 Magery N/A
Resisting Spells 120.0 Evaluating Intelligence N/A
Anatomy 120.0 Meditation N/A
Resists and Damage
Types Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Resistances 83 47 53 63 58
Damage 80% -- -- 20% --





Paroxysmus dinner.jpg Paroxysmus' Dinner Decorative Common (30%?)
Parosysmus corroded stein.jpg Paroxysmus Corroded Stein Decorative Common (40%?)
Sweat of paroxysmus.png Sweat of Paroxysmus Decorative Common (40%?)
File:String of parts of paroxymus victims.jpg String of parts of Paroxymus' Victims Decorative Common (20%?)
Paroxysmus Swamp Dragon Statuette Summons a dark green swamp dragon that bonds to you upon summoning. Comes with unbreakable swamp dragon armour and GM wrestling, tactics, and resist. Rare (< 5%?)
Scepter of the Chief Requirement: ML, Hit Dispel 100%, Hit Mana Leech 60%, Hit Point Regeneration 2, Reflect Physical Damage 15%, Damage Increase 45%, Poison Damage 100% Rare (< 5 %?)
Lard Of Paroxysmus.png Lard of Paroxysmus Ingredient for Craftable Artifacts Always

Each ML peerless will drop 8 mixed items (total) from the following group:

Corruption.png Corruption Taint.png Taint Blight.png Blight
Putrefaction.png Putrefaction Muculent.png Muculent Scourge.png Scourge

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