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|reagents=[[Batwing]], [[Nox Crystal]]
|reagents=[[Batwing]], [[Nox Crystal]]

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Words of Power - Pas Tym An Sanct
Mana Cost 11 Evil omen.jpg
Minimum Skill 20.0
Casting Delay 0.5s
Reagents Batwing, Nox Crystal
Area of Effect Single target
Description Be it a strike from a sword or the sting of a spell, the next bad thing that happens to the receiver of this curse will be worse. The player affected by this spell:
  • Will receive a +25% increase from the next source of damage.
  • Will receive a +1 boost to the level of poison the next time they are poisoned.
  • Will only have 50% of their Resisting Spells skill the next time they try to resist a spell.

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