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**[[image:Nutcracker_small.png]] Small
**[[image:Nutcracker_small.png]] Small
* '''Snow Statue''' - Choice of one of four Snow Statues - Pegasus, Mermaid, Seahorse or Griffon.
* '''Snow Statue''' - Choice of one of four Snow Statues - Pegasus, Seahorse, Mermaid or Griffon.

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Pot of Eggnog


With Publish 63, all characters that log in and are 30 days or older will receive a holiday gift ticket in their backpack until mid-January 2010. The gift ticket is Blessed and may only be used by the original character that receives it. When used, the character is presented with a choice of one of five different gifts.

Note: - Publish 63 is currently only on the TC1 and Origin shards.


When a gift selection is made, the ticket is consumed and a Gift Box is placed in the character's backpack containing the chosen gift as well as a candy cane and a holiday card from a random dev team member.

Holiday gift menu 2009.png

  • A Pot of Eggnog - An over-brimming pot of seemingly inexhaustible eggnog. When used, it produces a glass of eggnog in the character's backpack which is good for one drink and leads to inebriation.
A pot of eggnog.png
  • Icicles - A set of 7 different icicles that may be locked down in player homes.
  • Nutcracker - Choice of a small or large nutcracker that moves it's jaw when used while locked down in a player home.
    • Nutcracker large.png Large
    • Nutcracker small.png Small
  • Snow Statue - Choice of one of four Snow Statues - Pegasus, Seahorse, Mermaid or Griffon.

Snow statue menu.jpg

  • A Deed For A Holiday Tree - A gift that has appeared in previous years but now with more display options, the deed may be used to place a Holiday Tree in player homes in one of four styles:
    • Classic - Fully ornamented and lit fir tree
    • Modern - Tapering Tuscan pine tree with strings of lights
    • Classic Bare - Same as Classic, without any foliage
    • Modern Bare - Same as Modern, without any foliage


  • All Holiday Tree Deeds from previous years now have all four style options.
  • Six new Gift Box variants were introduced with the Holiday 2009 gifts.

Giftboxes 2009.jpg

  • A Pot of Eggnog can be refilled when empty. You'll need milk, eggs, sugar, and liquor.

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