Reward Statuette Dye Tub

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Reward statue dye tub.png

A 5th year Veteran Reward, the Reward Statuette Dye Tub can dye animal and monster statues. Your account must be 5 years or older to use. If your account is not old enough, a system message will appear stating how many more months until you are eligible to use the tub. Like other dye tubs, Dyes are used to change the color. Double-click the tub and target the statue to make it the same color as the tub.


  • The tub has Security Settings when locked down
  • To return an item to its original hue, press the "Default" button and dye the statue with the tub
  • Can also dye Singing Ball


Here is an image showing all the available colors on the Reward Statuette Dye Tub.

Leather dye colors.png

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