Spirituality Champion Spawn

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Spirituality Champion Spawn
First Seen: Third Dawn
Coordinates: 45 21'N, 22 38'E

X:1645, Y:1108

Facet: Ilshenar
Forest lord champ map.jpg

The spawn of Lord Oaks, the "Forest Lord," is one of four Champion Spawns found in Ilshenar. From the Spirituality moongate, head North through the Forest of Spirituality.

This is the only Champion Spawn, aside from the Twisted Glade Champion Spawn,that causes characters to lose Karma. As with all creatures in Ilshenar, some monsters will spawn as Paragons.


Forest Lord

Level 1 Pixies and Shadow Wisps
Level 2 Ki-Rins and Wisps
Level 3 Centaurs and Unicorns
Level 4 Ethereal Warriors and Serpentine Dragons
Champion Lord Oaks and Silvani

Spirituality champ spawnkr.jpg

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