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* [[User:BroomyBroom|BroomyBroom]] - UOGuide Contributor
* [[User:BroomyBroom|BroomyBroom]] - UOGuide Contributor
* '''Zarcon''' - HOT Guild Council Member
* '''Zarcon''' - HOT Guild Council Member
* '''Nails Warstein''' - Rare Item Historian
==Furture Topics==
==Furture Topics==

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The Powerhour is an hour long talk show focused on Ultima Online, similar to a podcast. Currently airs live every Saturday at 7pm EST, 4pm PST, 1am GMT. It can be listened/viewed at www.twitch.tv/jcthebuilder.

Participate in the Show

Being a live show, listeners can interact with the host via Twitch chat. Signup for a free user account on Twitch. The chat room is available on every Twitch channel page. Make comments or ask questions on what the hosts are talking about. Or interact with other viewers.

Listen on the Go

Download the Twitch.tv mobile app on your iOS or Android smartphone to tune into the show anywhere. The Twitch app has an audio only mode so you can store your phone in your pocket.


Each past episode is available on JC the Builder's Youtube channel.

  • # -001 - June 21, 2016 - A "test" episode which was not done live and under the name "The Britain Crossroads". JC & Zarcon talked about changes coming in Publish 93
  • # 000 - January 21, 2017 - JC focuses on changes in Publish 96. The planned guest host for this episode turned out to be a troll. Honestly, don't bother listening!
  • # 001 = January 28, 2017 - JC & Broomy mainly discuss the [[Bulk Order Deed] changes from Publish 95. Then get into a few short topics such as upcoming pet revamp, new player challenges, classic vs enhanced client, and how hard players on Oceania shard have had it. The "true" first episode of the series.
  • # 002 = February 4, 2017 - JC & Nails Warstein talk about rares. From the server births to EM event items.


List of people who have appeared on the show. If anyone is interested in being a guest host they should contact JC the Builder.

  • JC the Builder - UOGuide Administrator
  • BroomyBroom - UOGuide Contributor
  • Zarcon - HOT Guild Council Member
  • Nails Warstein - Rare Item Historian

Furture Topics

List of ideas for future shows. If you have show ideas contact JC.