UOGuide:Past Polls

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This page lists past polls for UOGuide.

June 28 - November 27, 2007

<poll> How has Kingdom Reborn lived up to your expectations? It wildly exceeded them It surpassed them It met them It fell a little short It missed the broadside of the barn </poll>

March 16 - June 28, 2007

<poll> What are you looking forward to most in Kingdom Reborn? New graphics Improve interface Cheat prevention A new UO experience Nothing </poll>

January 24 - March 16, 2007

This poll relates to the spawning Book of Truth. <poll> How Many Books of Truth Have You Looted? 0 1 - 10 11 - 99 100 or more </poll>

January 1 - 24, 2007

This poll relates to the upcoming Kingdom Reborn expansion.

<poll> Are you looking forward to the Kingdom Reborn Expansion? Yes Not until I know more No </poll>