Whetstone of Enervation

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Whetstone of Enervation.png
Whetstone of Enervation
Weight: 1 Stone

The Whetstone of Enervation is an item which can be used to remove the damage increase property of exceptional crafted weapons. This makes space for more Imbuing. Use it before Imbuing! because you cannot use it after Imbuing! To create a Whetstone of Enervation you have to claim three special drops from Shame Guardians/Champions.

The Following Items are looted off the 3 Shame Champions

Uo guide.png

Corrosive ash.png

cursed oil *Looks like a Moonstone*

After collecting the Quartz Gritz, Corrosive Ash, and Cursed oil; click on them to make a Whetstone