Wraith Form

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Words of Power - Rel Xen Um
Mana Cost 17 Wraith form.jpg
Minimum Skill 20
Casting Delay 4s
Reagents Nox Crystal, Pig Iron
Duration Permanent until cast again or death
Area of Effect Caster
Description Transforms the Necromancer into the form of a wraith, well-suited for resisting physical damage, but weak against magic. No duration. Casting this spell again or casting another transformation spell dispels it. Once in wraith-form, Necromancers can use the "Recall" spell, as long as the spell is in their spellbook and they have the appropriate reagents. This is true even if their Magery skill is at 0. While under the influence of the this spell, the caster receives:
  • the ability to leech mana from the targets mana pool. (If the targets mana pool is empty then you leech nothing.) The amount leeched is based upon your Spirit Speak skill and the damage you do to the target by weapon or spell. Formula is Spirit Speak / 5:
    • 8% of your damage is leeched as Mana at 0 Sprit Speak
    • 20% at 100 Spirit Speak
    • 24% at 120 Spirit Speak
  • the ability to walk through creatures and players in Felucca
  • +15% physical resist
  • -5% fire resist
  • -5% energy resist
  • +25% damage from undead weapons

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