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Legends Shard
Launched: May 12, 2000
Time Zone: US EST/EDT
Maintenance Time: 5:00AM
IP Address:
EM Website: legends.uoem.net

Legends is a North American East shard and is named after an early online game called Legends of Kesmai.

Originally named AOL Sosaria, the shard was initially intended to be a shard exclusively for America Online(AOL) subscribers and was the 22nd Ultima Online production shard. OSI changed plans and renamed the shard AOL Legends just one day before the shard was scheduled to open on May 10, 2000. This was done in honor of Legends of Kesmai which was an early online, RPG-style game which first appeared in 1984. After some delays, the shard opened two days late on May 12, 2000.

The restriction limiting the AOL Legends shard exclusively to AOL customers was lifted on September 25, 2003 and the shard was then made available to all Ultima Online players. This change also included renaming the shard once again by shortening the name to just Legends. There was no wipe or reset done as part of this change so all characters and housing remained as before.

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