A Rare Serpent Egg

A rare serpent egg.png
A Rare Serpent Egg
Weight: 1 Stone
Lifespan: 43,200 Seconds
A Serpent's Nest

A Rare Serpent Egg can be acquired from the Serpent Nests near the entrance of the Medusas Lair inside the Stygian Abyss Dungeon. It can be searched from the nests directly or they can be obtained by using a Snake Charmer Flute on any kind of snake in the vicinity and then targeting the nests. The snake will then undertake the hazardous task of searching the nest for rare eggs. The eggs are Blessed and have a Lifespan property, starting with a timer of 43,200 seconds (12 hours). They come in four colors: plain, blue, yellow and red.

They can be used on the altar near the entrance of the Medusa's Lair to get access. They were also one of the quest items of the quest Ranger of the Abyss Part 1: A Light in the Darkness.

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