A True Sacrifice

This was 1 of 3 quests associated with the attacks on the Shrines of Love (see Principles and Virtues) by the minions of Astaroth, the Shadowlord of Hate. By completing all 3 quests, players could help to fuel the Candle of Love and beat back the attacks.

None of the 3 quests are active anymore, though vestiges of all 3 remain in the game.

You must visit the Shrine of Sacrifice on either Trammel or Felucca facets. Speak the mantra "Cah" to be presented with the quest. This quest can only be completed one time per character. You can only take on this quest when the shrine is no corrupted (which is indicated by a black sparkle). Kill all red monsters in the area to cleanse the shrine.

It is also important to note that fully finishing will require your character to lose 30 of his highest stat points. These stat points can be regained through normal game play.


Sudiva will give you this when you sacrifice 30 stat points

Sudiva can be found on the 4th level of Covetous, where the Dragons and Drakes spawn. Stand near Sudiva and say "cah". You will be presented with a warning that meditating again will cause you to lose 30 points in your highest stat. If you say "cah" again, Sudiva's Covetous-Laced Tear will appear in your backpack and the 30 stat points will be lost. You have to regain them through normal game play. Return the Sacrifice shrine, toggle the tear as a quest item, and say "cah" to receive your reward.


Tear of sacrifice.png

This item is needed to complete the A Purifying Light quest.



As you meditate on the virtue of Sacrifice, you envision a dark, watery cavern. As your mind wanders through the cave, you realize that there is a treasure piled high against the wall. As you focus on the piles of gold and gems, a feeling of unbridled covetous washes over you with such force that your mind recoils away from the treasure.

It is at that moment that you realize you are being watched, as you spot a dark form moving amongst the shadows; its eyes watching, ever-vigilant, over the hoard.

You know you must find the source of this overwhelming greed if you are to continue down this path.


You place Sudiva's Tear on the shrine and begin to meditate on the Virtue of Sacrifice. You find yourself sympathizing with Sudiva's plight. Although the great dragon played no small roll in bringing her own self to her current condition, your feel that no living being should be made to suffer so, regardless of how it happened.

Your sacrifice has begun her healing process; hopefully someday she will be free from Astaroth's grip and can fly once against amongst the clouds.

When you open your eyes, you notice that Sudiva's Tear has transformed into a Tear of Sacrifice. You quickly put it into your backpack, and prepare yourself to continue along your journey.

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