Aemaeth, which is the Hebrew word for "Truth," is the title of a Spirituality Virtue Quest. The quest takes place entirely within the City of Jhelom.

In this quest, you are asked by Aurelia to take a basin of water to the undead skeletal remains of her father in the Jhelom graveyard. Once there you will be given another basin of crystal clear water to return to Aurelia. When you return to her, she will reward you with a Mirror of Purification.

Quest Walkthrough

In the City of Jhelom, just west of the moongate, you will find two thatched roof buildings running north and south, in the northern building you will find Aurelia pacing back and forth.


She tells you the tale of her father's unfortunate death, her mother's dealings with an unscrupulous necromancer, and the emotional results of the ordeal. She then asks you to take a basin of water she obtained while praying at the Spirituality shrine to her father's restless spirit. Your reward for this portion of the quest is Aurelia's gratitude.

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The next leg of this quest takes you to the Jhelom graveyard. Aurelia's father, Szandor can be anywhere in the graveyard, both inside a crypt and out. If he is not in a crypt, you can click on him from outside fence and thus avoid any combat with the undead. Once you click on Szandor, he will tell you that he has learned the "truth" (thus the quest's name) and will ask you to return the basin to Aurelia.


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Once you return to Aurelia, she will thank you for helping her father and reward you with the Mirror of Purification

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