Archery Butte


An Archery Butte is a target that may be used by a character wielding an Archery or Throwing skill weapon. With an archery or a throwing weapon in hand, a character standing a few steps away double-clicks the archery butte to shoot an arrow, crossbow bolt or the throwing weapon at it. The result of the shot will be displayed indicating the level of accuracy and a score. No Archery or Throwing skill is required to shoot at an archery butte and there is considerable debate as to whether the result of the shot is random, tied to the shooter's Archery or Throwing skill or even reliant on where the butte is double-clicked. Results can range from a complete miss to a "robin hood" shot in which one arrow penetrates a previous bullseye arrow from behind.

Archery buttes will train a character's Archery or Throwing skill up to 30.0 and can be found in numerous towns and, as of Publish 53, in some player homes as they became an 80,000 point reward option during Phase II of Spring Cleaning 2008 and later Clean Up Britannia 2011 event with Publish 72.

Some arrows or bolts shot into an archery butte may be reclaimed by standing directly in front of the butte and double-clicking it.

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