Atlantic:Goodman's Rune Library


Goodman's Rune Library

  • Owner: Andrasta
  • Shard: Atlantic
  • Facet: Tokuno Islands
  • Coordinates: 38o 14'N, 38o 44'W
  • Directions: Go NW from Zento Moongate to the first road, turn right.
  • Type: Rune Library
  • Operational Status: Open


Library 1st Floor

The Library's first floor contains Runebooks for Trammel Cities, Dungeons & Monster Sets, Treasure Maps, Important Places like Shrines & T2A Entrances. Many ongoing content runes are on the steps.


Library 2nd Floor

The second floor left side contains Felucca Cities, Dungeons, Important places laid out in the same order as the Trammels books on the first floor. On the Right side can be found the New Expanded Quest Sections with Vendors & Unique Places in the middle isle.

Facets are coded as follows: White = Trammel, Red = Felucca, Blue = Malas, Green = Tokuno Islands, Teal = Ter Mur, Yellow = T2A.


Library 3rd Floor - Skills & Workshop

The Library's third floor has been expanded to encompass the Skill sets with special sections for Mining, Lumberjacking, Resource Gathering and Purchasing, Lockpicking, Stealing, Daily Rares, and more. Every conceivable addon has been located to make anything from imbueing to bread baking easier for your crafter to accomplish. A new Soulforge is available to the public as well as the regular smith articles.


Library Roof - Memorial Rose Garden - Dedicated to Lord Goodman

Sadly Goodman passed away on August 30th, 2005. The roof garden is an area that is dedicated to Goodman's legacy with many books and signatures from all the people who have visited it over the past 3 1/2 years. A Memorial Service is held every year on the anniversary of his death on Magincia Beach, Trammel at the Goodman's Memorial Library. The Gods honored him by naming random NPC's with his name on all shards.


Goodman's Rune Library is the legacy of Frank Campbell aka Lord Goodman who established his library on the shores of Magincia Beach. First on the facet of Felucca and later on the same beach in Trammel. Various locations over the years included branches in the Player Cities of Wintermoor & Dalriada, a Castle in Trammel, Luna and finally the deep Forest of Malas.

The Library continues to evolve and serve the Players of Atlantic. Proceeds donated to the library support the Libraries daily operational needs which are small and the lion's share goes to enrich the People of Atlantic.

Donations and support that are made to the Library are donated to worthy causes & prize monies to support the Community of Atlantic. Goodman's Rune Library looks for players and organizations that clearly contribute to the community by supporting new ideas and events for players to participate in.

Coming Soon

This past year marked the biggest upgrade of the Library in many years. This year coming up will see the Quest Section finished and many new updates to the library sections will be completed in the next few months.

A new building to house the Blue Crane Historical Society & Memorial Garden complete with Pub will be opened in the spring of 2010 & dedicated to the history & memories of Atlantic.