BNN: Al'Cedra's Challenge - Trammel for Lovers

Bethsainda Ariaachas Jan 18 2001 6:43PM

Well, dear readers, here is one for the books! In honor of her own mate, Al’Cedra has chosen to make the February 1st competition for couples only! It is open to all citizens of Britannia, and it will certainly try your wits, your wiles, and your patience. Al’Cedra will tell the story of her own love and in it will be the path that you need to follow to arrive at the lair. It will be full of twists and turns and puzzles, you may be sure. You must compete as a couple, and consult with each other each step of the way.

For new readers, the Trammel Dragon appears at the first of every month, and poses riddles to all citizens of Britannia who have proved themselves worthy through prior tests and trials. Any couple can compete this month, but they must register for the competition at the Court in Yew at the appropriate time. At the end of the quest, the couple that wins will be awarded engraved rings that read “Master of the Word and of my Heart” and “Mistress of the Word and of my Heart”.

The story that Al’Cedra told to me begins:

“And upon the earth came the winds of fate, and they took me over the land. Many were the dragons, many were the sons of man who had come to seek their dreams. In them I could see, as I reached the city of stone, whose fall was to be twice, that the humans were many, and that they bonded to each other, one to one, and that in their hearts was something special. Yet my heart was empty as the stone of the city…"

The rest of the story, dear reader, you will have to find out for yourself! Good luck!

If you would like to take part in Al'Cedra's Challenge, please come to Official Sign Up at the Court in Yew on Sunday, January 28th between the hours of 8:00 and 11:00. Good luck!

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