BNN: Daemons Decimate Magincia Defenses!

Sherry the Mouse Oct 31 2007 7:04PM

A night of revelry amongst a celebrating populace has turned into a nightmare as daemons poured through the forest and into the city in the early hours. Dozens are dead and hundreds are missing in what may be the most incredible assault on Britannian soil since the Ophidian invasion of recent past.

The western forest is aflame and smoke hangs over the entire island, blotting out the lights of ships sailing away from the isle, desperate to escape daemons of every description heaping destruction upon them from the shore.

The docks remain a safe haven for now, and the town populace is racing to evacuate the city even as the local government breaks down. The mayor is missing, council-members rumored to have fled aboard merchant vessels, and the city’s renowned healers and mages were amongst the first to perish in the onslaught.

More information as it becomes available, this is Sherry the Mouse, reporting from Magincia.

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