BNN: Danger from the Shadows

Gilar the guard Apr 25 2000 4:00PM

It was a night like any other night. At least it started out to be as such. I was on duty near the Jhelom bank. We do not get alot of criminals around that area. But tonight it was different.

A wealthy looking person came to the bank to deposit some of his goods. As he had completed his transactions, a cloaked and masked man lept out from the shadows with a dagger in his hand! He trust it deep in the merchant’s back before I could react! As the merchant fell to the ground, I went after the assassin. The minter would take care of the wounded man. But as I later heard, the man did not survive.

I managed to catch the assassin near the dueling pit. I forced him to his knees, but he was more agile than I had expected and in a matter of seconds he was free of my grasp only to run in the arms of a collegue of mine! Thank the Virtues I was not alone that night.

The assassin was taken to the Trinsic jail by boat and we interrogated him. He would not say anything at first. But after endless hours of firing questions at him, answers came. He never said much, but he did speak of a meeting. He was to meet his employer this saturday at the center of the maze. When darkness fell they would meet. That was all I managed to get out him.

The morning after this incident my fellow guards reported that there had been another assassination in Occlo. It seems the man I cought was not alone. I am certain we will know more after saturday. I will certainly be on duty then!

Gilar the guard.

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