BNN: Gypsy Fortune, and a Rare Opportunity!

Johann the Scribe Oct 10 2000 3:37PM

Well, dear reader, the impossible has happened, the improbable is likely, and the unbelievable can be believed at last! On Sunday past, the gypsy lady who reads fortunes and tarot cards, was aided by many brave adventurers to defeat Daryen, who killed her father, using the Staff of the Elements.

Rilla was held by the amulet that apparently Daryen had left for her at the site of her father’s death. She was being held in a strange icy building in the hidden mage valley near Trinsic. A few days ago, Falcore, who had the staff, tried to get the words that would unleash its power from Rilla, but Rilla disappeared in the midst of it.

So now here comes the strange part! Well, it seems there was a deed on Daryen, stolen by the capable thief, Joxer, and returned to Rilla. It was the deed to a property, a fine town home, in Magincia! The brave adventurers all accompanied her to find the town house in ruins. All pitched in to clean up the mess and clear the rubble away.

Now it seems that Rilla is sponsoring a decorating contest for each room of the house. She is beginning with the patio. All citizens of Britannia may submit a design, written or a sketch, to be judged by Rilla. The winner shall have his design implemented, and a plaque placed with his name to honor him in the appropriate room.

Seer Intaria has offered to help collect the sketches, and they can be sent to her at All sketches will be the property of Rilla once submitted. Join in this first ever, once in a lifetime opportunity citizens!

Rilla will be at the Magincia house on Sunday nights at 7 pm GMT, to read cards and greet visitors to her home. As for the gypsy wagon, rumor has it that it is on the move, and will be located throughout Britannia from time to time. Rilla will be at her wagon on Monday nights, as usual, wherever it may be.

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