BNN: Pirates Mass Attack on Trinsic

April 5, 1999

“Supplies an’ Weapons are running low, them town guard ain’t helpin matters none either” Garrec yelled as he threw his tankard across the tavern, barely missing the barmaids head. She scowled in his direction grabbing her dagger in a weak defense and cursing all the while. “Where be the quick and rich of Britannia” Garrec bellowed out loud, in his usual crude and crass fashion. From the corner of the Pirates Plunder a voice could barely be heard over the masses “Trinsic be easy pickins, them high society rich folk nare learned to swing a sword”. “AYE!! Trinsic it be then” Garrec exclaimed while kicking the table out of his path as he lumbered out of the tavern.

Pirates and Brigands alike gathered to hear the plans for the attack on Trinsic, all the while dreaming of the wealth and fortune they would amass in the battle. Scratching the matted ale soaked hair on his chin Garrec yells “Ready dem boats lads, we set sail for riches”. The sea seems almost alive with the mass of oars and drunken sailors.

“Get up you lazy oaf, Lord British don’t pay thee for dreaming of rescuing fair maidens from the fiery breath of dragons. Keep thy watch or I shall cause thee to have a sever limp” The Trinsic Captain of the guard Kalser roared as he kicked the watchman to his feet. The watchman stumbling to his feet as he rubbed his backside from the swift kick he received and resumed his ever so vigilant watch. Silence…..Waves….Slience…Waves….Silence….Movement on the horizen. Taking a spyglass the Watchman peered out at the sea “ Hmmm, must be a large merchant shipment coming to Trinsic. Good, I need a new pair of britches these are worn through from all the kicking. I should check the harbor log, bah!! tis downstairs and too long of a walk. I’ll get the next watch to check em in”. All the while the swarm of boats sail closer to the shores of Trinsic. Six hours pass before the Watchman looks through the spyglass again at the now ever so close hoard of ships that smother the sea. “BY THE…. To Arms!! Pirates Attack…Pirates Attack Trinsic.” The Cryers hearing the call to arms start their calling, “Trinsic is under siege, Pirates attack our fair city”

Standing by the mast of his ship Garrec readies for battle “Hit the shores at a run men, take them by surprise. We out number them one hundred to one”. It is not until later that Garrec remembers he cannot count past ten. The Pirates hit the woods at a run heading for the gates of one of the richest cities in Britannia. They form groups for the attack, for even drunk, they remember their battle tactics. Garrec and the pirates are met with slight force, but have little trouble taking the first wave of warriors down. The battle crashes closer to the gates of Trinsic as the ever green grass now forms a blood red carpet for the arrival of the attackers. “Damn them watchmen, when will they learn to sleep more on the Job” Garrec thought to himself as he feels the burn from an Energy Bolt thrown by an Experienced battle mage. The battle flows in favor of both sides from time to time, Pirates push for ground, Defenders push back harder. Light changes to dark as time watches the bloodshed unfold.

Wounded and blooded Garrec stands with his sword now resting in his left hand for the where abouts of his right hand are not quite known to him. Raising his sword Garrec cries his last battle cry “ Like the Winds of the Sea We Blow thee down And Trample thee to the Ground”. The Pirates and Brigands see their leader cut down before their eyes and scatter to the woods dropping the goods they plundered to lighten their step for fleeing.

Cheers and Hoorays are heard about the taverns around Britannia this eve. The Pirates driven back, and wealth amassed from the spoils of war. The bards sing their stories of the battle that unfolded and the warriors make their victories seem larger than life. Once again Trinsic is safe.

The Pirates Plunder Tavern is unusually quiet the next eve, Garrec’s Voice is no longer to be heard, and the barmaid has an unusually large smile across her full red lips.

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