BNN: Preparations Begin for Landmark Trial

Jane of Yew Nov 17 2006 7:22PM

Ricardo, infamous thief and alleged instigator of the Ophidian War, now awaits trial at the Court of Truth in Yew. The BNN is relieved to report that the attack on Ricardo’s prison transport was thwarted by the valiant efforts of the citizenry and soldiers of the realm. Jamos, his defense counselman up until recent events, has been implicated in the botched rescue effort by the rogue brigands, and has himself been arrested.

Due to Ricardo’s legendary talents in lockpicking and escape artistry, a special cage has been constructed outside the court where he will be housed. Between the reinforced wrought iron bars and the stalwart guards watching over him, we expect no further shenanigans from the renowned thief. Visitors are asked not to approach the cage, as Ricardo is still considered extremely dangerous.

Pre-trial motions are expected to take approximately a fortnight due to the sudden replacement of Jamos with Beauregard of Trinsic: the latest government appointed defense counsel. Justice Edgar, Investigating Magistrate for this case, is expected to set a formal trial date following the conclusion of these motions.

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