BNN: Strange Cemetary Attacks Cease

Orig Aug 1 2000 8:14PM

It had been days since I have heard about the red corpses that came from Vesper. Eager to find out why this was so, I walked from the Ironwood Inn, in which I stayed during all of this, to the Vesper Cemetary. While I would have been attacked by those Ogol days ago, not one of these creatures was to be seen here this morning.

When I arrived at the cemetary, I saw the building in the back abandoned, as it had always been in the past. All that I discovered therein was some kind of journal, apparently written by an alchemist. It mentioned a strange woman in Minoc, who might have the answers to this riddle.

Minoc was not far from where I was, and I was eager for the journey. I soon came to the location of the woman's home, as described in the mysterious journal.

Strangely enough, this house was also deserted. All I could find was a simple note on the table.

It spoke of the Ogol threat having ended. Their creator had paid for his sins...

I for one am glad that this is over, if there is truth to be found in the note. Rituals such as these should be left alone. I will sleep in my own bed tonight.

Your reporter, Orig.

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