BNN: The Dark Knight Kelras Burns Village

Jerrith the Sage April 9, 1999

My mind doth grow weary from the endless tomes and journals I have read. It would seem that very little was recorded on the happenings between the Heaven’s Knights and Kelras. For such an event to happen and not be recorded for the next generation tis a sin. Forgive my ramblings, my mind is not right.

The Ghosts of the Heaven’s Knights were right, Kelras has returned. The small town stead on the mainland near Skara Brae was set ablaze and trampled under undead feet this day. The fires burn a dark unholy light and burn so hot none can stand to close or be scorched from the heat alone. The rotting forms that were once man rip through the small village like scissors through cloth and all was laid waste.

The warriors of this land took up arms to defend the village from this horrid fate. The battle raged and many warriors say they witnessed an extremely large man adorned in black and blood red armor leading the undead to attack. Many attempts were made to cut this warrior down but none succeeded. Magic and metal alike rolled off the gruesome figure like water rolls of thy back. It was if he was immune to harm. This, my friends is Kelras the Dark Knight. The armor is know as the Blood Mail and is not solid or liquid, tis a substance formed of evil itself. It would seem that Kelras is once again in his Dark Lord’s favor. Fortunately no KnightMage were seen at the battle. This means that Kelras has not risen them yet. Perhaps we can stop him before he raises these monsters of pure evil and protected from all forms of harm.

I do all I can within my power to find the way the Heaven’s Knights defeated the KnightMage, but alas every turn I take leaves me forever lost. I will consult with several of the other sages at the Lycaeum. I will not rest until I know the way. I fear my efforts may be too late and the KnightMage already move toward victory.

Hold strong Britannia, our blood and honor for our land runs thick and we shall not give it over easily. Again I thank thee all for thy aid in this dark hour.

- Jerrith the Sage

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