Bad Company

Bad Company is a quest offered by the Gray Goblin Jaacar inside the Underworld. It it not terribly difficult, especially if you have completed the quest Neville Brightwhistle and obtained the Goblin Slayer talisman that it provides.

To begin the quest, find Jaacar and talk to him to begin the quest dialog. You may have to fight off several goblins in order to get enough peace and quiet to do so.

Quest Description

Travel to the Green Goblin area and kill Green Goblins until they fear you. Return to Jaacar for your reward.

Jaacar make friends with your kind. Not want violence... not eat each other! Jaacar eat rotworms... Rotworm stew good! Make Jaacar smart!
We can be friends, yes? Outside kind and inside kind be friends? This is good, yes? Jaacar knows who hates your kind; Gray Goblins not hate you. We want to be friends! Jaacar want to warn you! Yes, friends give good warnings!
Green Goblins bad, very bad. Green Goblins building up piles of weapons! When green goblins get enough weapons, they make war with the outside kind... Your kind! They come in the night and stab my new friend with own sword! They will! I swear!
Gray Goblins know this, that is why we fight them! We protect our friend! You, our friend! Will you help stop Green Goblins? If you help, Jaacar give some of smart knowledge! Help each other, yes?

Quest Objective

Quest Lore

You must kill 10 Green Goblins to complete this quest, and only Green Goblins. Green Goblin Alchemists, Green Goblin Scouts and other professions do not count. Green Goblins only.

Quest Reward

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