Banner Deed

A Banner Deed
2nd Year Veteran Reward
Weight: 1 Stone
Hanging banner.png

A 2nd year veteran reward, the Hanging Banner allows you to decorate your home with a variety of banners. Your account must be 24 months or older to place one. There are many different styles to choose, each with a gold or silver bracket to hang from. To place, double-click the banner deed and select the type you wish to use. You must target a tile next to a wall or placement will be aborted. The banner will automatically choose the facing depending on wall. If you target a corner, you will be presented with another menu to choose the facing. You can dye the banner different colors with a Dying Tub, Black Dye Tub, or Special Dye Tub.


  • Can face East or South
  • Dyable
  • Takes up 1 tile
  • Double-click the banner to redeed
  • The banner can be locked down and raised higher with an Interior Decorator

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