Chicken Lizard Breeding

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A new system introduced with the Stygian Abyss expansion. Not so much the mating of two creatures to create a third, but a way of involving players in the creation of a new creature by caring for an egg with the hopes of getting a nice pet.


Since the earliest of Sosarian days, players would catch and tame Chickens to use in chicken fights. Yes, just like chicken fights in the real world! Entire events would be arranged with "super chickens" pitted against one another. Bets would be made, and players would pit their best trained hens against one another. However, these chickens could only do so much, and their fights became predictable. With the desire to have another casual fighting pet, and a way to introduce breeding to the game, the Chicken Lizard was brought into Sosaria.

Obtaining An Egg


When killing chicken lizards, players have a random chance of finding an egg as loot on the corpse.

Bonded Pets

A tamed Chicken Lizard will bond to their master like any other pet (after it has been fed at least once, then a second time 7 real-life days later). Once the pet is bonded, on the day following the bonding, if the player feeds the chicken again, it will have a chance of laying an Egg A chicken lizard egg.png. If the chicken doesn’t lay an egg on that first feeding, feeding it further will not yield any egg. The player will have to wait a period of time after the first feeding. The chicken will lay a maximum of 2 eggs a week.

Incubating the Egg


The egg must be placed and remain inside an incubator for 3 complete real-life days to reach maturity. During that period, the player must water the egg once a day so it retains its moisture. After 72 hours, if all steps have been followed, the egg will be ready to be hatched. If the egg incubates for 48 hours after becoming mature, it will burn.

See more about incubation and growth for An Egg.

Vorpal Phase

Upon hatching, if the spawned animal is a Battle Chicken Lizard, it will automatically go vorpal and essentially act exactly the way a Vorpal Bunny does, except slightly slower. Unlike the vorpal bunny, it will not despawn after a few minutes. It will despawn at the normal rate any other untamed or release pets do.

To slow down the vorpal speed of the new Battle Chicken Lizard, a Scale Collar which is crafted with the Tinkering skill and SA entitlement can be used. Simply double-click the collar and target the chicken. If he is within range, it has a chance of catching the chicken. Since the chickens cannot “equip” the collar, a sparkling effect on the chicken will display that he is temporarily shackled. During that time, the chicken will either be paralyzed in place or its stamina will be completely drained forcing it to walk slowly. The effect should be temporary to give the players a chance to tame it. Since this creature needs 0 taming skills, any taming attempt should be successful.

Once the battle chicken lizard is tamed, it loses the vorpal ability and its dexterity is reduced to a standard range.

Stabling within the Chicken Coop

A chicken coop.png

A Chicken Coop is a house add-on to stable Chicken Lizards, Battle Chicken Lizards, and normal (feathered) Chickens. Use the context menu of the locked down and secured coop to access its functions. A player must have proper permission within the house the coop is placed, and to the coop itself, to access this functionality. As long as the coop is empty, any player with proper access privileges can stable a one of the three chicken types there. Once a pet has been stabled, the coop becomes "bound" to that player as the coop's master and nobody else can stable or claim pets from it. Once all pets have been claimed, the coop bond is reset and becomes available to any player once more.

If a player has stabled chickens in a coop and his permissions get revoked, he will still be able to claim his remaining pets stabled within but will not be able to stable any new chickens. Once he has claimed all his chickens, he will no longer be able to access the coop.

The coop is crafted with the Carpentry skill and SA entitlement.

  • Allows players to stable up to 3 chickens (lizard or not) at their house
  • Must be locked down or secured to be functional
  • Cannot be inside a container to be used

The coop bypasses the use of stable slots as creature data & stats are stored on the coop.

  • When stabled or claimed, owner's follower slots update accordingly
  • Claimed pets will have same stats as when they were stabled
  • Claimed pets will have the same alignment as their master
  • Pets can only be claimed from the coop they were stabled in
  • If the coop is destroyed, so are the pets it contained

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