Black Market Merchant

The black market merchant is located in Buccaneers Den, near the bank. You can sell your maritime trade cargo for doubloons. Doubloons can be exchanged for black market goods (You can have a total of 300,000 doubloons at one time)

Trade Cargo

Cargo Value
Grandmaster Cargo 100-200
Exalted Cargo 500-600
Legendary Cargo 1000-1100
Mythical Cargo (Plunder Beacons) 10,000+

Black Market Goods

Item Cost
Powder Monkey Title Deed 10,000
Wooden Carving of a ship 15,000
Shoulder Parrot 100,000
Botswain Title Deed 15,000
Blundercannon 25,000
Dragon Cannon 120,000
Sailing Master Title Deed 20,000
Mysterious Statue 35,000
Triton 140,000
Quartermaster Title Deed 25,000
A Pirate Wall Map 45,000
Whip of Plundering 180,000
Fellowship Medallion 10,000
Pirate Chest 180,000
Peculiar Coconut 75,000
Landlubber Title Deed 30,000
Sea Wasp Title Deed 50,000
Hooks Treasure Map 150,000
Orchids 15,000
First Mate Title Deed 150,000
Pirate Shield Recipe 50,000
Hook's Shield 200,000
Pirate Lord Title Deed 300,000