Blade of the Righteous

Blade Of The Righteous.png
Blade Of The Righteous
Weight: 7 Stones
Artifact Rarity 10
Demon Slayer
Hit Life Leech 87%
Hit Point Increase 10
Damage Increase 50%
Use Best Weapon Skill
Physical Damage 100%
Weapon Damage 15 - 16
Weapon Speed 3.5s
Strength Requirement 35
One-Handed Weapon
Skill Required: Swordsmanship
Durability: 255 / 255

The Blade Of The Righteous is a Longsword that can be stolen from Doom.

During the early days of the Age of Shadows expansion, this weapon was highly sought after, due to its usefulness against the Dark Fathers in Doom. However, its slow speed and the nerfing of the Hit Life Leech property, together with other factors (such as the Dark Fathers now using the Blood Oath Necromancer spell extensively), have cast it in an unfavorable light. The rare Demon slaying Blackthorn's Kryss is used far more often.

It still remains valuable, however, seemingly due to its rarity, and due to a small number of people being able to use it to great effect.

A good companion piece is The Holy Sword.

Special Moves
Primary Armor ignore icon.jpg Armor Ignore
Secondary Concussion Blow Concussion Blow

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