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The Block Special Move was added during the Samurai Empire expansion. On executing a successful block, players will receive a bonus to their defense chance which scales with their Ninjitsu or Bushido skill for a short duration. Players will also receive a temporary penalty to their hit chance and damage. While under the block effect, the next damage the player receives will be severely reduced. Damage reduction scales with Parrying skill above 70. This special move can be activated by setting a key macro for the appropriate primary or secondary weapon ability or double-clicking the icon in 2D. The icon will highlight red when activated.

  • Mana Cost: 20
  • Requires either 50 or greater Ninjitsu or Bushido to use.
  • Block lasts for 6 seconds after striking.
  • This special move is counter-intuitive as it is activated upon a successful strike.
  • This special move is effectively an anti-Hit Lower Defense.

Primary Weapons

Weapons with a primary ability of Block require 70 or higher in the appropriate fighting skill, Tactics, and 50 or higher in Ninjitsu.

Seconday Weapons

Weapons with a secondary ability of Block require 90 or higher in the appropriate fighting skill, Tactics and 50 or higher in Ninjitsu or Bushido.

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