Brave Knight of Britannia

Brave Knight of The Britannia (Replica).png
Brave Knight of The Britannia
Weight: 6 Stones
Hit Stamina Leech 48%
Hit Harm 26%
Hit Life Leech 22%
Swing Speed Increase 30%
Damage Increase 35%
Fire Damage 40%
Cold Damage 30%
Poison Damage 10%
Energy Damage 20%
Weapon Damage 11 - 13
Weapon Speed 2.5s
Strength Requirement 25
One-Handed Weapon
Skill Required: Swordsmanship
Durability: 150 / 150

The Brave Knight of The Britannia is an Artifact Katana obtained from Champion Spawns. It is considered a Replica, as it is copied from an item obtained from an EM Event. Message board posts from rares collectors suggest that not every version of this weapon had the Hit Harm effect, but it is in that form that it was made into a Replica.

Special Moves
Primary Special move double strike.jpg Double Strike
Secondary Armor ignore icon.jpg Armor Ignore

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