Cailla the Guard

Found in the city of Heartwood

Quest Title Details Reward
A Feather in Yer Cap Obtain 1 Saliva's Feather Treasure
A Tale of Tail Obtain 1 Abscess' Tail Treasure
A Troy and His Dog Slay 1 Lurg, Slay 1 Grobu Large Treasure
Dead Man Walking Slay 5 Zombies, Slay 5 Skeletons Trinkets
Forced Migration Slay 10 Birds Trinkets
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-killer Slay 8 Dread Spiders Large Treasure
It's a Ghastly Job Slay 12 Ghouls Trinkets
King of Bears Slay 10 Grizzly Bears Trinkets
Monbat Menace Slay 10 Mongbats Trinkets
Roll the Bones Slay 8 Patchwork Skeletons Trinkets
Specimens Slay 12 Red Solen Workers, Slay 12 Black Solen Workers Trinkets
Spirits Slay 15 Spectres, Shades or Wraiths Trinkets
Troglodytes! Slay 12 Troglodytes Trinkets
Unholy Knights Slay 16 Bone Knights or Skeletal Knights Treasure