Cards of Semidar

Cards of Semidar are collectible cards that showcase one of Britannia’s many legends. There is a chance that a card may be obtained when unwrapping a chocolate nutcracker crafted by a cook, or found in a hidden Regal Box in the Kotl City.

The recipes for the cooking skill to make the nutcracker was obtained from Christmas Holiday 2015

The legends available from chocolate nutcrackers and Regal Box include,

  • Dupre the Paladin
  • Nystul the Mage
  • Shamino Sallé Dacil
  • Juo’nar the Lich

Additional cards found in Regal boxes only include.

  • Professor Elliot Rafkin
  • Minax the Enchantress

When the card is double clicked a beautiful picture of the legend will be displayed.

Semidar-dupre.png Semidar-juonar.jpg Semidar-minax.jpg Semidar-nystul.jpg Semidar-shamino.png Semidar-minax.jpg Semidar-rafkin.jpg