Champion Spawn Guilds


Shortly after the introduction of Publish 16, it became clear to players that large guilds ruled Champion Spawns. Thus exisiting and new guilds tried to recruit as many players as possible in order to reign supreme. This led to "mega-guilds" which consisted of hundreds of character members. Over time many have either disappeared, but some remain strong over the years.


This new type of guild caused some to express outrage. People starting associating the term "Zerg" (using mass numbers to win without skill) with champion guilds. It also led to a "do anything to win" play style which distressed some people. Some also point out the cohesion of members is not as tight, with some people commonly betraying one guild and moving to another.


Most champion spawn guilds are not as easy to get into as other guilds. Due to their competitive nature, these guilds will try and recruit only when needed. They also try to seek the best players possible. But this is not to say it is impossible to join one, it can vary widely from guild to guild and shard to shard.

To find a guild, visit Felucca and note the dominant spawn guilds. Also, watch Stratics and other relevant message boards.