Character Status Menu

Both versions of the menu.

The Character Status Menu is a game interface that displays a host of information about a character. The Menu comes in two forms: full view and bar view. The information presented in the full view is summarized in the two tables below:

Character Status Menu
Buffer Button Character Name
Strength Hit Points Statistics Cap Base Damage
Dexterity Stamina Luck Gold Carried
Intelligence Mana Weight Carried
over Maximum Weight
Number of Followers
over Maximum Number of Followers

Armor Resistance Submenu
Physical Resistance 70 Maximum
Fire Resistance 70 Maximum
Cold Resistance 70 Maximum
Poison Resistance 70 Maximum
Energy Resistance 70 Maximum*

*75 Maximum for Elven characters.

The smaller "bar view" only displays Hit Points, Mana, and Stamina, from top to bottom.

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