Chesapeake Olympics

The Chesapeake Olympics is a series of competition events held every 2 years on the shard of Chesapeake to coincide with the real-life Olympics. It first began in 2000(1998?) known as the Chesapeake Games. At the time, Game Masters would create medals to award to players, even though the games were organized and run by players. The Chesapeake Olympics are one of the longest running events on the shard and one of the things Chesapeake is most well-known for.

Beginning in 2006, Terence Duff took over the organizing and running of the games from Black Ram. Over time, many of the events in each of the games changed. Early games included gladiatorial combat while later games introduced Begging events. Under the well-organized mantle of Terence Duff, the games seem to have become standardized leading to a better sense of continuity and legacy.